Sports Therapy

Sports therapy is used in rehabilitation in a multi-disciplinary way to manage injuries that you may have acquired by taking part in sporting related activities. The therapists will work with you so that you can manage and reduce your pain and improve your mobility. The professional advice will help you to discover a way to get better so that you are able to return to your sporting activity. We cater for those that have acquired an injury through sports for fun to those who are professional athletes or simply those that have acquired an injury by another means.

Our sports therapy professionals are accustomed to treating many types of injuries but the most common are strains and sprains. A strain is an injury or tear to the muscle itself and a sprain is an injury to the ligaments that has been caused by a tear or by over stretching.

Immediate action is often a positive step to rehabilitation accompanied with pain management treatments. This can be via electrical stimulation, ultrasound or using heat or ice applications. The ultrasound will reduce the edema or swelling and it will increase circulation to the injured area which will help the healing process. Electrical stimulation via TENS simply uses electrical waves to penetrate the muscle to help with pain management.

Stretching and an exercise program are also used by sports therapists to help overcome the injury. Stretching helps the muscles that have become shorter by injury or pain so that it returns to its usual length. Stretching is often combined with flexibility and endurance to improve the injury. The final part of the of the rehabilitation is to return you as an average person or an athlete back to their former level of performance prior to their injury.

Our Osteopath will use physical manipulation, stretching and massage to release and relieve muscle tension, improve the blood supply to the tissues, increase the mobility of joints and therefore help the body to repair. Neck pain, back pain, arthritis, shoulder pain and sports injuries are regularly treated by our sports therapist and osteopath. They can also help with pain management during pregnancies.

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