Matt has over 20 years experience and is a respected professional and amateur level 1 & 2 high performance Boxing coach who also has professional boxers under his guidance.

He will mould you into being a smart, effective, powerful and disciplined boxer or help you if you just want to increase your fitness levels as either a complete beginner or professional boxer.

Matt was a boxing coach for the London Boxing Team with England Boxing.

He has worked in corners of notable champions; Tim Witherspoon (Former World Boxing Champion – WBC & WBA title holder and regular sparring partner for Muhammad Ali); Herol Bomber Graham – former European & British Boxing title holder.

Matt has also appeared on SKY Sports during professional boxing competitions.

His step by step approach and with his ability to deliver either at our academy or on-line will ensure your development and progress.

His attention to detail, technique, weight-shifting and footwork expertise will bring you to another level of fitness, self-defence. endurance and ability in reaching your personal Boxing goal.

You will be motivated, developed and you will see a significant improvement in your Boxing ability as he will enhance and improve your skills in self defence, Boxing fitness, weight management, effective punching techniques, power optimisation, defence skills, strength and endurance.

Matt is a creative spark plug that will ignite your determination, passion, and enhance your discipline and nutrition to achieve your Boxing goal or ambition at a local, amateur or professional fighter’s level.

His programmes will develop your sharpness, concentration, reduce stress & anxiety but also enhance and prepare you mentally and physically for your personal boxing goals or boxing career through a safe and controlled environment.

Matt and his team will ensure that you reach your potential by instilling self-belief through motivation, discipline, perseverance, improved boxing techniques and dedication.

He is a personable and approachable specialist and enjoys teaching complete beginners and all levels through to professional competitors and most suitable age groups.