The Team



Alex is a UK household name with over 300 fights at amateur and professional level across the world stage in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Muay Thai, Kick Boxing, Cage Fighting & Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

He has over 15 Championship belts including; Kick Boxing (K1 WUMA); European Kick Boxing champion; K1 Champion; UK1 Middleweight champion; PKA Middleweight champ; WAKO Amateur British Champion 96-98.

Muay Thai (WMTO Pro-cruiser weight British Title holder).

MMA: Millennium Brawl UK Champion; Extreme Brawl Champion; Ultimate Challenge Champion. These have been against some of the world’s best fighters and with the top fighting promoters.

Alex is also a trainer of champions and mentor for complete beginners through to professional competitors.

Teaches all levels, kids and adults.



Remik is a very experienced amateur and professional Boxing coach with over 20 years experience.

He trains national and international champions – Part of the Anthony Joshua (AJ) Team. For example, Remik was part of the boxing team that helped to prepare him for his World Boxing Title defence fight for his WBA (Super), IBF, WBO and IBO Heavyweight titles with the legendary Alexander Povetkin – ranked the world number 1 challenger. A testament to Remik’s ability.

Remik teaches all levels and suitable age groups, abilities from family classes, complete beginners, boxing amateurs to professional competitors on the world stage.

He’s a personable and approachable person – he and his team will raise your level of Boxing ability whilst maximising your fitness level, endurance, self-defence, confidence, courage, self-belief, discipline and motivation via individually tailored or class-room based programmes either at our training academy or on-line.

Remik will make you into a smart, effective, powerful and disciplined boxer or help you if you just want to increase your fitness levels, self-defence skills as either a complete beginner or professional boxer.

Your progress will be impressive and you will be equipped with effective punching techniques, power optimisation whilst perfecting your defence skills to a superior level. Remik and his team can also safely push you past your boundaries to achieve this. You will be prepared mentally and physically to reduce stress and anxiety and reach your potential either as a beginner or if you wish to pursue a competitive boxing career on a national or world stage.

Remik is at your service and will train you in a safe and controlled environment.



Joanna is a former UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) Champion with five successful title defences & currently No.4 in the official UFC World rankings.

UFC president Dana White describes her as the best female fighter on Earth. MMA media have called her “must-see TV”.

Joanna is the first woman from Europe to bring this prestigious title to Europe which is a testament to her ability. Her phenomenal knowledge is a massive inspiration to us all.



Matt has over 20 years experience and is a respected professional and amateur level 1 & 2 high performance Boxing coach who also has professional boxers under his guidance.

He will mould you into being a smart, effective, powerful and disciplined boxer or help you if you just want to increase your fitness levels as either a complete beginner or professional boxer.

Matt was a boxing coach for the London Boxing Team with England Boxing.

He has worked in corners of notable champions; Tim Witherspoon (Former World Boxing Champion – WBC & WBA title holder and regular sparring partner for Muhammad Ali); Herol Bomber Graham – former European & British Boxing title holder.

Matt has also appeared on SKY Sports during professional boxing competitions.

His step by step approach and with his ability to deliver either at our academy or on-line will ensure your development and progress.

His attention to detail, technique, weight-shifting and footwork expertise will bring you to another level of fitness, self-defence. endurance and ability in reaching your personal Boxing goal.

You will be motivated, developed and you will see a significant improvement in your Boxing ability as he will enhance and improve your skills in self defence, Boxing fitness, weight management, effective punching techniques, power optimisation, defence skills, strength and endurance.

Matt is a creative spark plug that will ignite your determination, passion, and enhance your discipline and nutrition to achieve your Boxing goal or ambition at a local, amateur or professional fighter’s level.

His programmes will develop your sharpness, concentration, reduce stress & anxiety but also enhance and prepare you mentally and physically for your personal boxing goals or boxing career through a safe and controlled environment.

Matt and his team will ensure that you reach your potential by instilling self-belief through motivation, discipline, perseverance, improved boxing techniques and dedication.

He is a personable and approachable specialist and enjoys teaching complete beginners and all levels through to professional competitors and most suitable age groups.



Mischael has over ten years experience in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). He competes at professional level and coaches beginners to professional MMA fighters.

Mischael’s wealth of experience in all aspects of MMA includes Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing, Jiu jitsu and Wrestling.

Mischael brings a wide spectrum of knowledge of the sport and fitness to complete beginners and professional fighters.

His passion is teaching people at all levels and abilities and to bring people who have no experience in the sport to a competitive level, if they wish.

Mischael was one of the coaches of the globally recognised Wimp 2 Warrior program at Pro Mai MMA. He is a regular cornerman for fighters and an accomplished MMA & Striking coach.
Mischael is very approachable and here to help.



With over 15 years Boxing expertise, Charlie is a British Boxing Board of Control licensed Boxing coach. He has instructed in numerous different boxing gyms throughout West London.

Charlie’s energised, motivational and inspiring classes are continuously over subscribed which is a testament to him.
He also specialises in personal body sculpting transformation and results, lifestyle changes and fitness/wellbeing.

He is a friendly and experienced instructor who passionately helps people of all abilities and age groups to achieve their goal.

He will turn you into the best version of yourself possible.

Teaches all levels, kids and adults



Jacob is the current double European Kickboxing (WKO & ISKA) Champion. He fights out of Pride Combat Athletics.

Jacob competes for the World Title in the coming months.

Jacob’s teaching ability, motivation and technical ability will inspire you to achieve your goal in both Kickboxing and Boxing.

He enjoys teaching adults and teenagers of all levels. Complete beginners to those competing on the world stage are very welcome in his classes.

Jacob is an experienced kickboxing specialist. He is very approachable, dedicated, knowledgeable, patient and a humble coach who is here to help.



Ben is an England Boxing qualified Boxing coach.

He will get the best out of you by making sessions challenging & fun. Your skills, confidence, strength and conditioning will improve.

Ben has been working in the health & fitness industry for 28 years. He is also a level 3 Personal Trainer, including core training specialist, gym instructor and nutrition for sport and exercise certified.

Ben is a level 3 Yoga teacher and an F.A. Qualified football coach.

He was also an elite athlete playing football for Chelsea & Aston Villa youth teams where he went on to Represent England at under 18 level.

Ben also played senior football for Brentford, Luton & Barnet whilst maintaining his passion for Boxing.

He is very approachable but will train you to reach your personal level.



Nathan spent 17 years in the Royal Marines Commandos serving global on operations worldwide.

Nathan Is a Krav Maga Instructor and Royal Marines Commando Unarmed Combat Instructor.

He is also a Personal Trainier and Fitness and Mental Resilience Coach specialising in Endurance, Calisthenics, Strength and Flow State peak performance.

Nathan is very approached and teaches complete beginners to specialist operatives. He will inspire you to get confident, fit and be able to defend yourself should you need to.


Tanesha is a Krav Maga Instructor and is trained in the Royal Marine Commandos unarmed combat system.

She is a Personal Trainer and Fitness and Mental Resieince Coach specialising in Strength Training, Body weight, Bootcamp and boxing for fitness training.

Tanesha also helps clients develop their perfromance and mental toughness through Flow State principles.

Both Tanesha and Nathan are passionate about all things self defence and fitness realated and practice what they preach. They train individuals and classes in a wide variety of fitness/self defence styles based on the principles of functionality, practicallity and real world application.



Marausz is a British Board of Control Professional Boxing coach with 20 years experience of boxing and coaching.

His expertise will help you mentally and physically to achieve your individual goal.

He enjoys fulfilling ambitions and teaches all levels including complete beginners and abilities. He will also help to improve your discipline, fitness, confidence and self-defence skills.

Marausz is personable, approachable and someone who will instil confidence, dedication, motivation, self-belief whilst raising your fitness and reducing your stress and anxiety levels through exercise.

He will mentor, advise, train, help and is at your service in a safe and controlled environment.




Boxing, Kick Boxing HIIT & Fitness Senior Coach

Komal is effective, professional, experienced and her training sessions are also fun.

She will guide and motivate you to enjoy your training experience and achieve results.

She provides a friendly and non-judgemental space for women to train in.

An experienced Level 3 Personal Trainer, Komal also teaches Boxing & Kick Boxing HIIT classes for fitness.

An inspirational motivator, she will listen and work on your development in a controlled and safe way.

Komal is passionate about empowering women and helping them to better connect with their bodies by getting and staying active through movement, exercise and martial arts.

She specialises in getting you healthier, fitter, leaner and stronger faster by teaching classes that combine basic movement techniques with boxing, kick boxing and HIIT style body, strength and conditioning training.

Komal will not only improve your fitness but she will also improve your confidence, self-esteem and general health by managing stress through exercise.



Harjeet has been training in Thai boxing for 6 years, competes and is a fitness enthusiast.

She teaches the women’s only HITT classes where all the women are challenged to push their fitness limits and develop strength. The sessions focus on a high intensity bag workout mixed with strength and conditioning exercises.

Harjeet enjoys helping women realise their power, build confidence and train their mindset.

She is motivated, friendly, personable and is dedicated to making you the best you can be.

Teaches all levels, kids and adults



Nadeen is an MMA fighter with 7 years experience in Muay Thai, Boxing and Kickboxing. She also has over two years experience in Wrestling and Jiu Jitsu.
Nadeen specialises in striking, particularly Muay Thai/Kickboxing, Boxing and general fitness. She is one of the instructors for the women’s only Kickboxing/Muay Thai class.
Nadeen teaches all levels and enjoys elevating complete beginners to reaching their full potential.
She teaches children, teenagers and adults with equal passion and dedication.
Nadeen can also build tough and confident women fighters with advanced skills in Muay Thai & Kickboxing.
She is motivated, friendly, experienced, personable and is dedicated to making you the best you can be.

Teaches all levels, kids and adults



Antonia is an impressive experienced professional Fitness & Wellbeing Co-ordinator and leader by profession.

She holds a Level 3 in Nutrition and Level 3 Gym Instructor & Personal Trainer qualification.

Antonia motivates, inspires and she will help you improve your health and well-being through one of her energised, fun and inspirational classes.

She is very personable, accommodating and will work with you to get you results.

Antonia is experienced at instructing a variety of classes including Boxing, Kick Boxing, Body Sculpting, Self-Defence, HIIT, Boxing circuits, Fitness (Power combat, Box Yoga, Barre Fitness, Boot Camp, Aqua Deep & Aqua Aerobics), Dance Fitness (Zumba, Ballet & Latin American)

She includes Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) into the basic principles of self-defence in her classes.

Antonia enjoys teaching adults and children of all age groups and abilities and welcomes complete beginners or those who wish to reach their fitness peak.

She is also a freelance dance teacher and has taught across the UK and Europe.



Hannah has been a Kickboxing black belt for over five years and is dedicated to her art.

She also does Boxing & Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for personal development.

She enjoys teaching at all levels and beginners are guaranteed her attention.

Away from Kickboxing she is involved with Law and has a special interest in immigration and human rights law.

Hannah believes martial arts plays a vital role in keeping both physical and mental health strong.

Her aim for each class is for her students to leave with a smile on their face after a good workout and ready for a good night’s rest if in the evening or to crack on with their day ahead if an earlier class.

She is here to help you.



Kick start your journey to becoming either a slimmer, toned or human power house.

Ash is a dedicated specialist with over 10 years experience in the industry.

He has competed on the Bodybuilding UK circuit.

With the use of proven techniques, healthy & controlled nutrition/eating he will help you to understand what you need to do to achieve your goal.

He is dedicated and will help you!



Zahir is a Martial Arts Instructor, qualified England Cricket Board Coach and Swimming Life Guard.

Zahir is very experienced and graduated from The British College of Osteopathic Medicine with an Honours and Masters Degree in Osteopathic Medicine.

He has seen many patients including world champions in their respective disciplines (see list below).

Patients seen include: Steve Henry (Ninjitsu World, European, Commonwealth and British Champion); Roger Gracie (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion); Lucio (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World and Pan-American Champion); Ilia Cannoli (World Kickboxing Champion); Sean Flynn, (Cage Fighter); Mark Lidster (Founder of “Let Go” Martial Arts Style and Author); Naeem Khan (International Cricketer); Inderjit Singh Balla (World Transplant Badmington Champion); Michael Taylor (Professional Powerlifter); Tom Davies (South England Swimming Champion); Duncan James (Blue Music Band); Richard Darnell (Exclusive Designer for Shirley Bassey); Michael Barrymore (TV Presenter); Aamna Chaudhary (Model); Aziz-Ur-Rahmaan (Model); Saqib Chaudhary (Model Actor, Script Writer); Poppy Khan (Professional Singer/Song Writer/Musician); Umar Khan (Professional Singer/Song Writer/Musician/Author).

Zahir practices Cranial Osteopathy, Naturopathy, Medical Acupuncture, Applied Kinesiology and is fully trained in Foot Biomechanics and Orthotics.

Zahir treats a variety of clientele ranging from World Champions to Pregnant Women, young Infants and the elderly.

All will receive the same utmost level of care, love and respect.

He specialises in:

  • Sports injuries
  • Sciatica
  • Trapped nerves
  • Muscular strains
  • Ligament sprains
  • Neck, Back and Spinal pain
  • Whiplash injuries
  • Shoulder, Elbow, Wrist, Pelvis, Hip, Knee, Ankle, Foot pain
  • Discal problems
  • Acupuncture
  • Orthotics
  • Prevention of injury/rehabilitation
  • Cranial osteopathy
  • Musculoskeletal pain associated with pregnancy. For example, lower back pain
  • Pain and stiffness associated with arthritis and joint related problems


  • Armour Academy – Harrow
  • North London Golf Academy David Lloyd Sudbury Hill
  • Stonebridge Boxing Club
  • Joseph Lee Wing Chun Association
  • Littleton Cricket Club

Some Testimonials:

  • “Zahir Chaudhary is one of the best osteopaths in the country!”
    Mark Lidster, May 2012.
  • “With thirty years of personal experience in seeing Osteopaths, I can highly recommend Zahir to be one of the best Osteopaths in the country!! He is a dedicated Osteopath and provides an excellent, thorough all round service”.
    Brian Harwood, July 2012.
  • “I am a G.P and I hurt my lower back whilst lifting heavy suitcases. Zahir treated me so well, that I recommend all my musculoskeletal patients to Zahir now!!”
    Irfan Shah, August 2012.
  • “I am delighted, excited and thrilled to tell you that following yesterday’s session my condition has improved markedly! I was dancing and singing in our kitchen this morning, not a pretty sight, (and I am tone deaf too) but a happy one nevertheless :)”
    Harry Mantheakis, December 2015.
  • “I have had a lower back problem for about 2 years now due to damaging a disc doing dead-lifts at the gym. I have seen an Osteopath, multiple chiropractors a physiotherapist and now Zahir. Zahir has been the only specialist who I feel understands the problem I have and after only 3 sessions I feel has been more effective and more worthwhile than any other sessions I have had with other professionals. I would recommend him to anybody who suffers with injuries like mine!”
    Rob Paul, January 2015.
  • “Oooh! Sore, but not as rough as this morning. Experienced a “Pelvic Spasm” today. Made me puke with pain. Many thanks to Zahir at Chelsea Natural Health – 208 Fulham Road. Absolutely brilliant!”
    Malcolm Pugh, August 2014.
  • “Zahir Chaudhary is really brilliant! I suffered badly from lower back pain during my pregnancy. Treatment, advice and tips really helped!”
    Maggie Griffiths, September 2014.
  • “Thank you Zahir for your compassion. You really helped me when I needed you! If only there were more like you!!”



Nina is a graduate BSC Sports Therapist and undertaking her Masters degree in Physiotherapy.

She is very personable and professional and will use her knowledge and skills to expertly assess, advise and help with your injury prevention, support rehabilitation and recovery using a range of physical techniques and therapies.

Nina’s background is in musculoskeletal injury rehabilitation in which she incorporates Vinyasa Yoga to help with a holistic approach to rehabilitation but also general strength and conditioning.

Using yoga, she also helps others to gain mobility, flexibility, strength and calmness through the breath to aid with your overall performance, whether that is sport specific, just to help you in your day to day life, or if you’ve been having long term pain management issues.

Nina will also seek to manage your overall wellness and empower your knowledge to accommodate your individual requirement.