Make time to stay active


With life’s continuous pressures, challenges and working, it’s comforting to slip from the chair in front of the laptop or mobile device after a tough day straight onto the sofa and in front of the TV to relax. This helps but it may have a negative effect over time if we are not balancing this with regular exercise. This is a challenging time but if we try to build in a regular routine of exercise, it can only help. Motivation and time is sometimes difficult but whatever time you have, please try to exercise or go walking as regularly as possible. There’s no pressure to finish every workout (check YouTube for workouts), just add a little more when the time is right.

The World Health Organisation says that 5-17 year olds should do at least one hour of moderate to intense physical activity each day so it is equally important for them to stay active too.

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Keep fit, active & safe.
Armour Academy Team