Women – Personal Safety & Mental Health


Assault affects about 50% of the population and this is not about men. It’s about putting a stop to assault.

Why do women have to plan and prepare in their minds almost every time they need to step out the door. The onus should not just be on them only but it has sadly become a part of daily life and NO ONE should go through what Sarah Everard and others went through.

The solution is not to limit women in life but maybe to try to educate our children and wider society about gender equality and to promote respect and not to tolerate harassment, attacks and assault on women.

Touching someone without their consent not only invades personal space but can be assault. Let’s keep having these conversations and hold everyone to account that step out of line or break the law.

Take some time to speak to the women in your life about what you can try to do so it makes them be and feel safe. Try to listen and try to see the situation and seriousness of it through their eyes.

Don’t stare at women, it is intimidating and unsettling. Keep a distance and don’t run up from behind.
Keep your comments to yourself, even if you believe they’re funny.

Moving forward, more education about gender equality in schools and at home can only help. Try to walk your friends home and try to make yourself visible when walking down the street. Maybe some self-defence classes to boost the confidence.

Remember to stay safe and speak out if you need to.

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