Rahim Kassam

Armour Academy is an awesome place. A very friendly, open and welcoming gym. There is nobody there frowning or judging you on your fitness level or how you look. They encourage having fun and learning new skills. It is run by Herb who is really great, warm and very friendly.

My 9 year old daughter loves her kids self defence class on a Saturday and gets really excited when it is time to go. She wants to stay for the next class but unfortunately it is for older children. The trainer is Alex Reid who is an ex MMA fighter and celebrity. You would never know that because he is very chilled and makes the sessions about the kids and helping them learn new skills.

I go to boxing on Monday evenings and my trainer is Matt. It is a smaller class due to Covid-19 restrictions but it feels safe, we train at a good distance from each other, Matt wears a mask.
There is always great music and there is never any pressure to be like everyone else in the gym. There are people who are of different abilities and Matt incorporates this into what he is teaching us.
I am so glad we found this place as we love attending classes and really missed them during the full lockdown.